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-Writer(poems,quotes,my songs)

I'm pretty serious. But not as serious as you just assumed lol. Judge me by my cover so I can blow your mind IF you get to know me. I keep everything to myself unless I'm asked. My personal life is personal, go figure. But I'm not going to shun away potential friends. I write and record music about videogames, yes I'm that nerdy. If you would like to listen, or help just ask. Get to know me, who knows I might surprise you. "I'm an old soul wandering this decaying, once flawless planet." Stay frosty~ ♪♫

XBL; LouTheL33tr

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Patient, wise, open-minded individuals with great stories to tell.


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April 8 2014 1:41 PM · 1 note

Anonymous asked: Just delete your tumblr and go outside

I’m outside on tumblr n00b, try again? You have 2 lives remaining ^_^

April 8 2014 1:34 PM

Anonymous asked: I still did you delicious .

What? This could mean either; I still did you [____] where you accidentally put delicious instead of an insult. Also replacing ‘did’ with ‘think’


I still [___] you’re* delicious, whereas you accidentally put ‘did’ instead of ‘think’.

My anons are always sucky and never executed with accuracy. What a joke :/

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dream job. Pussy devourer 

dream job. Pussy devourer 

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Anonymous asked: Can hispanics or asians say nigga?


why you askin me like i’m ceo of black people lol

like i be sittin in a corporate meeting and shit like

"aight this is who can and can’t say nigga y’all file these reports on the double, b"

Anyone can say anything. 

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wait bop it only goes to the next action if you actually do the one before it


wait bop it only goes to the next action if you actually do the one before it

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