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-Writer(poems,quotes,my songs)

I'm pretty serious. But not as serious as you just assumed lol. Judge me by my cover so I can blow your mind IF you get to know me. I keep everything to myself unless I'm asked. My personal life is personal, go figure. But I'm not going to shun away potential friends. I write and record music about videogames, yes I'm that nerdy. If you would like to listen, or help just ask. Get to know me, who knows I might surprise you. "I'm an old soul wandering this decaying, once flawless planet." Stay frosty~ ♪♫

XBL; LouTheL33tr

Other accounts; Facebook - Google+ - Youtube
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Who I'd Like to Meet

Patient, wise, open-minded individuals with great stories to tell.


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being high or drunk in public like

imagethey know”

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  • baby: ma...ma....
  • mom: aw, are you trying to say 'mama'?
  • baby: ma...matsuoka rin.

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me omw

me omw

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I just made this.. I wonder how many people will get it xD

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oh you

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